Performance of GNSS-SDR for IRNSS L5 Signals Usinga Low-Cost RF Front-End


Research paper published by Osmanian University, a member of our Orolia Academic Partnership Program (OAPP), using the Skydel Simulation Engine.


The GNSS software receiver has evolved as a promising tool for researchers and developers because of its flexibility and reconfigurability. As modernized GNSS signals have been emerging day by day, the need to adapt the software receiver to address the upcoming challenges of GNSS navigation has become inevitable. The main aim of this work is to assess the existing Global Navigation Satellite System Software Defined Receiver (GNSS-SDR) tool for Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) signals using a low-cost RTL-SDR
front-end. The IRNSS software receiver chain is developed using GNSS-SDR code and framework. GNSS-SDR is an open-source tool developed by the Centre Tecnol├▓gic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC) of Spain. This work is useful for carrying out various GNSS-related applications using IRNSS signals in the future and paves the way for further research and development of the IRNSS system by using it as a research/academic tool.