SecureSync Introduction

SecureSync 2400 Time and Frequency Synchronization System® is the latest-version, security-hardened 1-rack unit network appliance designed to meet rigorous network security standards and best practices. It ensures accurate timing through multiple references, tamper-proof management, and extensive logging. Robust network protocols are used to allow for easy but secure configuration. Features can be enabled or disabled based on your network policies. Installation is aided by DHCP (IPv4), AUTOCONF (IPv6), and a front-panel keypad and OLED display.

The unit supports multi-constellation GNSS input (SAASM GPS receivers, supporting L1/L2, available for authorized users and required for the US DoD are available), IRIG input and other input references. The unit is powered by AC on an IEC60320 connector. DC power as back-up to AC power, or as the primary input power source, is also available, and power selections can involve either fixed or Hot Swap configurations.

SecureSync combines Safran’s precision master clock technology and secure network-centric approach with a compact modular hardware design to bring you a powerful time and frequency reference system at the lowest cost of ownership. Military and commercial applications alike will benefit from its extreme reliability, security, and flexibility for synchronizing critical operations.

An important advantage of SecureSync is its unique rugged and flexible modular chassis that can be configured for your specific needs. Built-in time and frequency functions are extended with up to six input/output modules.

You can choose from a variety of configurable option cards, each with an assortment of input/output timing signal types and quantity, including additional 1PPS, 10 MHz, timecode (IRIG, ASCII, HAVE QUICK), other frequencies (5MHz, 2.048 MHz, 1.544 MHz, 1MHz), Precision Timing Protocol (PTP) input/output, multi-Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000Base-T), telecom T1/E1 data rates and multi-network NTP, allowing SecureSync to be customized for your exact requirements.

A variety of internal oscillators is available, depending on your requirements for holdover capability and phase noise.

Note: Some of the features described are not available on all SecureSync variants.

SecureSync's Inputs and Outputs

SecureSync provides multiple outputs for use in networked devices and other synchronized devices. A 10 MHz frequency reference provides a precise, disciplined signal for control systems and transmitters. A 1-Pulse-Per-Second (1PPS) output acts as a precise metronome, counting off seconds of System Time in the selected timescale (such as UTC, TAI or GPS); this BNC connector can also be configured to produce IRIG, HaveQuick, or GPO signals. A multi-I/O 15 pin connector provides default IRIG, ATC, and HaveQuick Inputs, as well as IRIG, IRIG AM, HaveQuick, and ATC Outputs. These options can all be configured to suit your application (see Configurable Connectors).

SecureSync's outputs are driven by its inputs – most notably, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), or IRIG signal generators and other available input references. GNSS-equipped SecureSyncs can track up to 72 GNSS satellites simultaneously and synchronize to the satellite’s atomic clocks. This enables SecureSync-equipped computer networks to synchronize anywhere on the planet.