Rolling out OSNMA for the secure synchronization of Telecom Networks

ROOT aims to assess the benefits introduced by the Galileo authenticated signals (OSNMA) in the specific context of synchronization of 5G telecommunications networks. Specifically, ROOT purpose is to estimate the increased resilience that OSNMA can bring to GNSS-based timing sources. This is obtained through an experimental approach which enables the measurement of the increased level of robustness provided by the use of a mix of emerging technologies.

Orolia (former Seven Solutions) will carry out the integration of Septentrio’s Mosaic-T and Orolia’s WR-z16 acccurate timing unit. In collaboration with LINKS foundation and Politecnico di Torino will manage the test campaigns to analyse the different scenarios derived from the reference architecture. Dynamic cross-validation between timing from different GNSS receivers, automatic switching and assessment between neighboured RANs calibration will be produced. The effectiveness of the techniques used on the test campaign and critical recommendations will be produced in order to ensure the integrity of GNSS signals.

The ROOT Project at the European Navigation Conference 2021

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