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UpdateCleaner for SecureSync 1200/NetClock 9400

Under some circumstances, clearing logs and stats from SecureSync 1200 or NetClock 9400 via the Web UI require a second step in order to achieve an optimum restoration of disk space. If you have been instructed to do so, use this Disk Cleanup Patch that can be uploaded and run from within the Web UI. This Patch will clean items that are not user accessible otherwise. Here you can download the cleaner file and also the MD checksum to validate the download.

NOTE: This download is NOT for SecureSync 2400

Download DiskCleanupPatchProcedure.pdf | 294 KB
MD5 Hash: 438da7efa67404644db1c9b183848974
SHA-1 Hash: c3f7f5f630d2296961e793aca6a7e681eda0e344
SHA-256 Hash: f76c71e8ea9d302de19736398912e0e3fd51089247609fe7e11c1cdbda890fdc

Download updateCleaner.tar.gz | 2 KB
MD5 Hash: 94b6c7fc9f26332d09266595fe30e72a
SHA-1 Hash: 95f503749bfda70378b3f38173df65b8057ed8bb
SHA-256 Hash: 40618eecfe3b4451f0143d7ee0c5cc215dec1dddf3f5b59838d1fed33d3c1f4c

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