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TSync Windows 64-bit Driver

Windows 64-bit Driver for TSync Time Code Processors (PCIe, cPCI, PMC, PCI-104, VPX), Ver 3.23

Download | 74 MB
MD5 Hash: bb9e73ad0f57023bc7db92b1f071bec6
SHA-1 Hash: 6e04c665ba1d238cfc851c83d659f445c9c268d4
SHA-256 Hash: ea3f26bf9a2350002068790e4c6d797254edddd4e7861bda2a865fb5e34d9e90

Download ReleaseNotes_TSync_WinDriver-1.pdf | 218 KB
MD5 Hash: 0b140a4cccb6c497ddd877aa32eb5ccd
SHA-1 Hash: 3d3502da46174acbcd3a82e8115bb26605bae9c8
SHA-256 Hash: ddffb8df2d32cf3bb1b3c6f5dc00b558ac0a3d02509607f9a2f00f164c9479cc

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