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TSync-PCIe: Firmware Upgrade

TSync-PCIe Firmware Upgrade Files, Ver 3.4.9

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Download | 929.86 KB
MD5 Hash: f1c46092fa8c7a5236033fd2c4271af3
SHA-1 Hash: 273ddd7839832c8395b2fa5cf079eadd21741474
SHA-256 Hash: 11bcd13f3678f00f3cc77ed8d2dafcebdd1f5882560cb5a957feb0b82a1ca147

Download TSync-firmware-v3.4.9-release.pdf | 278.58 KB
MD5 Hash: c46e42e7f05147a43fb75465fd96ec45
SHA-1 Hash: f9f46380c0282644b5b22fda9c4d7b03fd037851
SHA-256 Hash: 08ff82c9b083c817504d321dbb5279391aa38114d6fe97615bf20b24ae6365de

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