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Latest White Rabbit Product Update Files

The following files, corresponding to version 5.0, are available for download here: the software update file, the release notes and user guide for specific White Rabbit products (WR-Z16 and WR-ZEN). Update instructions are available in the user guides.

NOTE: Safran distributes different WRZ-OS firmware according to the hardware family and version of the device. The user must check the system to get the corresponding firmware before proceeding to its update.

NOTE: If the current FW version of your WR device is older than v4.0, and it has been calibrated for long distance links, please contact before proceeding with the update. 

The WR-ZEN TP/TP-FL/TP-32BNC should only be flashed using the following firmware:

  • wr-zynq-os-<version>-ZENvx.x_binaries.tar (compatible with HW version 3.x and 4.x)

The WR-Z16 should only be flashed using the following firmware:

  • wr-zynq-os-<version>-Z16vx.x_binaries.tar (compatible with HW versions 4.x and 5.x)

Safran is interested in your feedback on the upgrade experience. Please send us feedback, comments or suggestions you have to

Download wr-zynq-os-v5.0-20230724-Z16vx.x_binaries.tar | 99.62 MB
MD5 Hash: b2aeb9e42fd1febf002bac004b8c55f5
SHA-1 Hash: bfdadbbce6717f76cff128b7e59ee858e724ec20
SHA-256 Hash: d27172810f7ba869cedd8e9169ce4457df4c1e22aec6c608ad68d53d144f9212

Download WR-Z16-ReleaseNotes-for-SW_Ver5.0.pdf | 171.02 KB
MD5 Hash: 396810350071e26a362e3ddc1507e310
SHA-1 Hash: 357e1e075bbe7130040f7b889086a2b29eaa01b7
SHA-256 Hash: afb22ba43ab19640ca8e2959120bff7bb28c5509b43c5b7cc48d920f8ddec8f6

Download WR-Z16-UserGuide-v5.0.pdf | 5.96 MB
MD5 Hash: 6498be396657b35af25771b3adeed1e5
SHA-1 Hash: 90b3f667e82421d06205838608aea490ff62b33a
SHA-256 Hash: 7b326fe6aa8d213129ece4963e5eb9423b555b6a9678ac60ce58b85ebe5980ee

Download wr-zynq-os-v5.0-20230724-ZENvx.x_binaries.tar | 89.96 MB
MD5 Hash: 369e0658b003050d3c0ef6ca2c76bd9f
SHA-1 Hash: ffc509e301f229c154c3e91b89a1b8baf1f6cb5f
SHA-256 Hash: c27ac20853d5d7c8c03e59af53efa2945a8e3753a7df0dbb53c61d57c3921b87

Download WR-ZEN-ReleaseNotes-for-SW_Ver5.0.pdf | 174.02 KB
MD5 Hash: 37e90cec63a469a4d43f341e27f15725
SHA-1 Hash: fd6b71fbc9ef4f80c38726d0f36704f9f4193ad7
SHA-256 Hash: 2b970305dd8cb7233fd8e489a7808208f4b66fcca2b30c6c796fa6a31284ac94

Download WR-ZEN-UserGuide-v5.0.pdf | 7.29 MB
MD5 Hash: 65874cea41f6c5da6c4d402b3d8b098d
SHA-1 Hash: d588072ac453306bfbe0fa2d032d61243b805484
SHA-256 Hash: ee11960e7b03343f51124c36b0e559ad9db6dff9fe00ef2dafc671d1bc23d934

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