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Latest White Rabbit Product Update Files

The following files, corresponding to version 4.0, are available for download here: the software update file (including the change log) and user guide for specific White Rabbit products (WR-Z16 and WR-ZEN). Update instructions are available in the user guides.

NOTE: Orolia distributes different WRZ-OS firmware according to the hardware family and version of the device. The user must check the system to get the corresponding firmware before proceeding to its update.

NOTE: If your WR device has been calibrated for long distance links, please contact before proceeding with the update. 

The WR-ZEN TP/TP-FL/TP-32BNC should only be flashed using the following firmware:

  • wr-zynq-os-<version>-ZENvx.x_binaries.tar (compatible with HW version 3.x and 4.x)

The WR-Z16 should only be flashed using the following firmware:

  • wr-zynq-os-<version>-Z16vx.x_binaries.tar (compatible with HW versions 4.x and 5.x)

Orolia is interested in your feedback on the upgrade experience. Please send us feedback, comments or suggestions you have to

Download wr-zynq-os-v4.0-20230202-ZENvx.x_binaries.tar | 102 MB
MD5 Hash: 4e9590e89ae0d28cca1fcf5ded1bf5c5
SHA-1 Hash: 31f49b6f43955236ff88fd273f6354e77413680a
SHA-256 Hash: 7ad37cfd9c9130bc933cf10770c0b74ed5f8576f53129c7192c2ae99e8e33d1d

Download WR-ZEN-UserGuide-v4.0.pdf | 2 MB
MD5 Hash: cad93b92a3f7868e0b015c9adf3db347
SHA-1 Hash: 855dd2fcb0e629d5e55d6eab50c08d4b009bdf16
SHA-256 Hash: e42988558fa04c097dd2135a75c56dc6fa0c75379f7b0a2b1422d9b51d22da34

Download wr-zynq-os-v4.0-20230202-Z16vx.x_binaries.tar | 112 MB
MD5 Hash: 98dccf310271092833245d765b0d9f76
SHA-1 Hash: 1fdfebe4c64547668fd87f1b2adf5a164ef22a6f
SHA-256 Hash: 262634732e4db01d1f045f843bb1f7a695b2b700db60916f608db8bfd8290564

Download WR-Z16-UserGuide-v4.0.pdf | 2 MB
MD5 Hash: d6a94d2ffb786feb1011663dfe4564a9
SHA-1 Hash: 8495dd839aca899d13197d18a7ddb883c56667b5
SHA-256 Hash: e0f09ac6ef1ff9c8e63a887835eebbc8c518ca7db0b292c50318e271b2318031

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