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Latest VersaSync Update Files

VersaSync Software Release 1.8.0 Update File (non-SAASM)

The following files, corresponding to version 1.8.0, are available for download. Update instructions are available in the release notes and our online manual. Contact customer service if you need the SAASM-enabled version.

Note 1 :

  • if your unit is currently on a software version below 1.7.0, it is necessary to upgrade to 1.7.0 before proceeding further, using the “update-versasync-1.7.0.tar.gz” file.
  • If your unit is currently at sofware version 1.7.0, you can upgrade to release 1.8.0 using the “versasync-1.8.0.squashfs” file
  • If your unit is currently at software version 1.7.0 and you need to re-upload release 1.7.0, you need to use the “versasync-1.7.0.squashfs” file
  • moving forward, post 1.7.0 (included) upgrades will need to use the squashfs file

The upgrade to 1.7.0 comes with significant system changes and does not allow downgrading to earlier versions.

NOTE 2 : If your system is licensed with the Interference Detection Suite option, this bundle does not contain the software for that option. Please contact our service team ( for information on how to update your system including the Interference Detection Suite option software.

Orolia is interested in your feedback on the upgrade experience. Please send us feedback, comments or suggestions you have to

Download versasync-1.7.0.squashfs | 113 MB
MD5 Hash: 95f335fd265267e0205502e09f1a3eda
SHA-1 Hash: 2158834947fd26abd47313fb1a592b229cbdc0fd
SHA-256 Hash: 0e83476701e20471124d34f4116b2ab8972b5959051c7fbfc3dd3c02999f64d3

Download versasync-1.8.0.squashfs | 117 MB
MD5 Hash: 2ab4626b3b350d3943569165fd52ab71
SHA-1 Hash: 1f4b801c06a2d95bbf56b28d25c377a1d402034e
SHA-256 Hash: 55144e678d4efe5b8eea91871ae5f032ce1584e19075549f50cfcd91a03f23d9

Download VersaSync_ReleaseNotes-for-SW_Ver1.8.0.pdf | 784 KB
MD5 Hash: 5ffa9ef9218e041fb7189e45c8576a40
SHA-1 Hash: 46db4d6de65895d73adb6209ec6bba0b847be777
SHA-256 Hash: e773ff6b752d68db68c153b2c66dda0b2c4fd909ad56578c1fd84d33664e0139

Download update-versasync-1.7.0.tar.gz | 236 MB
MD5 Hash: 96c2cb7d3b49cde94814b12dcab7fc90
SHA-1 Hash: 8f12a122f0d6e76ffe91544170290e4e643cf661
SHA-256 Hash: 1dda9b7976ee6ac345aa0758e4b577405d9d5bcb35499bc91e323ce10304e248

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