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Latest Linux TSync-PCIe driver

Latest Linux Driver for TSync-PCIe

The latest Linux driver for TSync-PCIe, version 4.0.4, is available for download here:

This compressed file update includes :

  • The installation guide
  • The release notes
  • The driver archive file

Safran is interested in your feedback on the upgrade experience. Please send us feedback, comments or suggestions you have to

Download tsync-4.0.4.tar.xz | 183.63 KB
MD5 Hash: 43eda7c2494edf5104ffb0f535af646b
SHA-1 Hash: 78793bcb7f49f0a810e6f42302ace0ea784652bd
SHA-256 Hash: 7a8de6eb1387c63ca2ce0c9e736925d2c56e7046f32f1f3c04b5f3c170390606

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