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The Orolia Academic Partnership Program (OAPP) provides the most robust GPS/GNSS & PNT Test & Simulation tool for research & education with open-source capabilities and a supporting global learning community.

With over 30 universities worldwide already enrolled, membership is open to all academic programs focused on GPS and GNSS-based research.

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360 in 180: OAPP

Opening New Doors for Research

Traditionally, it has been extremely difficult for research and learning institutions to own and use test and simulation tools for Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT). This was primarily due to the extremely high cost and proprietary based systems. Orolia is changing the game by offering the powerful Skydel Simulation Engine to the industry through a dedicated partnership program for qualified organizations. This includes a permanent Skydel Simulation Engine license with all frequencies and constellations as well as temporary student licenses.

Skydel Simulation is an innovative and modern approach that leverages software, advanced graphics cards (GPUs) and Software Defined Radios (SDRs). You’ll have the ability to build your own custom signals and connect to other systems and devices (i.e. Sensors, IMUs…) through our open source plug-in capabilities. Lastly, it includes the ability to generate and test the vulnerability of GNSS/GPS with integrated interference, jamming and spoofing capabilities. Because Skydel leverages COTS hardware (GPU, NIC, SDR), it stands alone as the only GNSS Simulation Solution in the world that can run independently of Orolia hardware.


Beyond the innovative Skydel Simulation Engine, our online forum and Github repository are a community that will be there to help support your program’s research, while connecting you to established test engineers around the globe using Skydel to build the future of GPS and GNSS applications.

Get technical questions answered

Collaborate on testing methodologies

Watch how-to videos

Read application notes

Share plug-ins and code with other member-university professors and students, as well as industry professionals doing leading edge testing of real world products.

Skydel Forum


Skydel Onboarding


Osmania University

Orolia’s Academic Partnership Program Introduces Skydel to Osmania University to Drive GNSS Education and Research Initiatives in India.

Osmania University, located in the city of Hyderabad (population 10+ million), is the first institution of higher learning in India to join Orolia’s Academic Partnership Program (OAPP). Since 2021, researchers and students have been fully leveraging the power of the Skydel global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) simulation engine to advance their research projects.

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Current Members

Louisiana State University
Queen's University
University of Florida
Zagazig University
University of Calgary
University of Nottingham
York University
University of California, Irvine
Stanford University
The Ohio State University
University of Stuttgart
Georgia Tech
Oregon State University
University of Colorado Boulder
University of New Brunswick
Osmania University
UNSW Sydney
Auburn University
Illinois Institute of Technology
NC State University
University of Dayton
Rochester Institute of Technology
Universidad Nacional de La Plata
Helsingin Yliopisto
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Universidad Carlos III
Carleton University
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Loughborough University
Universidad de León
ETH Zürich

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