Resetting the Unit to Factory Configuration

In certain situations, it may be desired to reset all SecureSync configurations back to the factory default configuration. The GNSS location, any SecureSync configurations and the locally stored log files can be cleared via the Web UI.

Note: Restoring configurations (reloading a saved configuration), erasing the stored GNSS location and clearing the log files are separate processes. You may restore one without restoring the others.

If SecureSync was assigned a static IP address before cleaning the configurations, it will be reset to DHCP after the clean has been performed. If no DHCP server is available after the clean operation, the static IP address will need to be manually reconfigured.

Resetting All Configurations to their Factory Defaults

To restore the configuration files to their factory defaults:

  1. Navigate to TOOLS > SYSTEM: Upgrade/Backup.
  2. In the Actions panel, click the Restore Factory Defaults (Clear) button.
  3. In the Factory Restore Options panel, choose your options for the restore:

    Clear All Logs erases all logs
    Clear All Stats will clear NTP stats, PTP stats, and all database tables
    Clear Configuration clears any user configuration, including network settings
    Reboot restarts the unit after the clear.
    Halt puts the unit in a halted stated after performing the clear.
  4. Click on Submit to finalize the commands.