Going Virtual in a Changing World

This year has required a lot from everyone, shifting our lives in many different ways, including conducting business. Many of Orolia’s initiatives were forced to go virtual, but we were resilient and tackled these challenges head-on.


With in-person meetings nearly non-existent, this has particularly affected the trade show industry, where so many of us used to meet to learn industry news and see new products in action.

With this in mind, we’ve focused on webinars. We began with our PNT Coffee Talk series, addressing different topics within the Resilient PNT industry starting with our discussion on the president’s Executive Order on PNT. We also held our first virtual event, the Orolia Air Show, which focused on a range of topics, from Aviation Safety to Product Launches. Following each of our webinars, we offer On-Demand video for users who couldn’t make the event. You can watch previous recordings and stay informed on upcoming events in our Webinars section.

Orolia Online Store

In July, we launched our Online Store. In an industry with repeat customers and at a time when online sales are taking the lead in innovation, this is an opportunity for our customers who know what they need to save time.

We offer a number of products from our Timing & Synchronization portfolio: SecureSync, NetClock, TSync, and CDM-5. We also offer further base-level configurations of each of these products.

We also offer some of our GNSS Simulation portfolio. At this time, the GSG-5 and GSG-6 are offered through the store with configurable options for each, but we have more updates on the horizon with recent advances in our GNSS Simulation offerings.

We offer 18 different accessories in our online store, some of which have even further configurability from the products pages. This section offers the opportunity to quickly and easily change parts for your existing systems.

One of the leading features of the online store is its ability to process payments automatically with a credit card. Alternatively, we offer the option to process offline via credit terms with our accounting department. This is done simply by checking the box during checkout.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our Custom Quote Form will enable our sales team to deliver a proposal quickly. We’re currently shipping within the US only and offer many other configurations of our products so please take a look at our Products section on www.orolia.com to see what else we have to offer. Stop back soon to visit our What’s New section to see our recently added items.

Online Chat Bot

You may have noticed our newest feature, the online chat bot, Orobot. You can use this bot to navigate our portfolio, request technical support, and schedule a meeting or chat live with sales. 

We continue to expand this new interactive feature, and the ability to connect with our customers directly is always at the forefront of our minds. We also continue to update our Video LibraryResilient PNT in Action: Operational Views portfolio, and PNT Executive Order pages.

Whether you already know what you need, would like to learn more about our products and solutions, or want to see what’s new in Resilient Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT), Orolia is committed to making your online experience with us as simple and efficient as possible. If you have ideas or just want to let us know how we’re doing, email us at info@orolia.com.

Patrick Bark
Patrick Bark

Patrick Bark is the Customer Experience Marketing Manager at Safran. He holds a BS in Business Administration, a MicroMaster's Certification in Digital Product Management, and is a Certified Customer Experience Specialist. He joined Safran’s Resilient PNT team in 2017 and manages their digital marketing initiatives such as the online store, website, campaigns, video, product marketing, and content development. Patrick also plays a key role in bringing Safran's strategic vision and advanced technology solutions to life while supporting diverse corporate initiatives such as acquisition integration, platform management, and communications.