On the 21st of June, the Quantum sensing with hot vapors symposium will welcome all interested in Quantum Science to join the event online, after registration. Register for the symposium.

Open to the public, the symposium held from 10:30 to 17:00 CEST will be an excellent opportunity to share research results and discuss the future of Quantum sensing, also with representatives from the industry.

The talks will cover a wide spectrum of topics related to quantum sensing technologies, including atomic vapor cells and five key applications addressed by the macQsimal project:

During this conference, don’t miss the following topics related to Orolia’s atomic clocks & oscillators topics:

  • Progress on a micro-fabricated atomic clock for industry
    Speakers: Jacques Haesler (CSEM) and Christian Schori (Orolia)
  • Enhanced microcell atomic clock based on pulsed double-resonance Ramsey interrogation
    Speakers: Christoph Affolderbach (UNINE)