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The NANOG 90 Hackathon will focus on Problem Solving/Troubleshooting competitions.

Francisco (Paco) Girela – Safran Electronics and Defense
17:30 – 18:00 (EST) Symphony Ballroom


Different layered timing solutions in datacenters are presented. This will showcase different architectures which leverage multiple technologies including the OCP-TAP Timecard, COTS GNSS time servers, Pulse Per Second distribution units, NTP, PTP and PTP High Accuracy profile (White-Rabbit) in the core of the datacenter while discussing its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the required end-to-end time error budget, synchronization accuracy of nodes can be less accurate using protocols intended to work with massive layers. Alternatively, the synchronization of key nodes with higher accuracy might be leveraged to trace timing performance and improve resiliency.

Higher level of accuracy can be used in specific segments of the datacenter hosting highly time sensitive applications such as financial services. Tight relative timing between monitoring units through an accurately synchronized visibility network facilitates detailed analysis of the timing across the whole datacenter.

Francisco (Paco) Girela: Francisco is the BizDev and Sales Engineering Lead at Safran. He holds a Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Granada. After some time in the private sector, Francisco joined the Timing Keepers group at the same university as a researcher. During his research, he specialized in ultra-accurate time transfer systems, and he focused on the development of the White Rabbit technology. At the moment, he leads the expansion of White Rabbit time sync in the Americas. His latest work involves the deployment of very long distance WR links, the integration of White Rabbit core in third party FPGA based devices and research on the role of time synchronization in distributed databases and quantum.