GNSS MEETS FRIENDS IN NEW ORBITS – POTENTIALS AND SYNERGIES!“, this will be the theme of the 2024 edition of the Munich Satellite Navigation Summit, taking place from March 20–22, 2024.

The Summit will be held on-site, at the Alte Kongresshalle in Munich, Germany, and as a hybrid conference.

The Munich Satellite Navigation Summit is a conference with global impact dealing with satellite navigation now and in the future. The one-of-a-kind convention of high-ranking worldwide speakers from industry, science and governments provides the participants with a broad overview and different perspectives on the latest developments in the field of GNSS.

This year, our key focus will be on our navigation & timing portfolio including:

  • Our latest Testing and Simulation solutions, with the GSG 7, the advanced GNSS simulator;
  • Our latest Timing and Synchronization solutions, such as the Securesync as well as its White-Rabbit based solutions such as White Rabbit Z16;
  • Our next gen atomic clock the mRO-50 Ruggedized. Miniature, ultra-portable high precision & performance Atomic Frequency Source;
  • Our suite of space-dedicated products including MO and LNMO and MiniRAFS.

Minerva, the Safran Electronics & Defense academic program, with nearly 60 members and numerous published papers, is dedicated to advancing PNT (Positioning, Navigation, and Timing). As a testament to its commitment, Minerva provides a donation of Skydel software, a cutting-edge GNSS simulation engine, to members engaged in groundbreaking research on GNSS technology.

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And before the show, whether you’re looking to build your test engineering skills or level up your career, enroll in our Skydel Certification Course  to help you succeed with GNSS Simulation.

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