This webinar will address requirements of measuring the performance of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing devices in environments where traditional satellite signals are challenged.


Jonathan Taylor – Lead Navigation Engineer – Orolia Defense & Security

  • General Testing requirements for positioning
  • Instructions on using suite of metrics currently utilized by ODS
  • The differences between positioning and navigating
  • Issues regarding autonomous or human-assisted navigation performance measuring

Mitch Narins – Principal Consultant and Owner – Strategic Synergies, LLC

  • The Need to implement resilient time and frequency services
  • Why admiring the problem of GNSS vulnerability will not ensure the safe and critical services needed
  • A systems engineering approach

Zak Kassas – Associate Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering – University of California, Irvine

  • PNT Resiliency challenges for highly automated transportation systems
  • Real-world navigation results from:
    • A GPS-jammed environment with cellular signals of opportunity
    • A high altitude aircraft with terrestrial signals of opportunity

Note: If you cannot attend live, you can still register to receive the On-demand version following the event.

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