Meet Orolia at Low Level RF Workshop 2022 in October

The biennial Low Level Radio Frequency (LLRF) workshop convenes world-wide scientists and engineers focusing on precision radio frequency systems for particle accelerators. Topics include applications in linear and circular accelerators, precision field regulation of normal and superconducting RF cavities, timing and phase reference distribution, precision analog and digital hardware, as well as integration with other accelerator sub-systems.

The Low Level RF Workshop 2022 (LLRF22) will be co-hosted by the Paul Scherrer Institut and CERN. It is the tenth workshop in the series which started in 2001.

Orolia already provided Low Level RF control systems, Beam Position Monitor and timing solutions to our customers including relevant institutions such as CIEMAT, CERN, F4E, SARAF, ITER or ESS with outstanding performance

This year, Orolia’s key focus will be on its latest advanced control systems for particle accelerators, such as the uTCA /the stand-aloneform-factors for best in-class LLRF solution.

Orolia will also be showcasing testing instrument technologies such as FemtoStepper.