Register for the Final Presentation of the NAVISP EL2 029 Project: “Final Presentation of NAVISP EL2 029 Project “SDXPAND”

The purpose of this project was to expand the existing SKYDEL radio frequency constellation simulator product to cover arising customer needs.

This activity produced the following features, which will be presented at the Final Presentation:

  • Creation of a solution for the flexible definition of signals in an agnostic way. The Skydel simulation engine is leveraged by external software modules developed by GMV, providing the ability to segment functionality and provide the capability to configured and implement potentially any signal.
  • Creation of a wavefront simulation solution. Relying on the Orolia COTS-only philosophy for driving multi-instance, multi-sync SDRs, Skydel’s SW/HW architecture is capable of simulating 4 to 8 antenna elements for the supported signals.
  • Creation of a solution that allows realistic simulations of signal impairments. Skydel simulations allow ingestion of time series generated with recognized models of multipath and/or ionospheric models (for scintillation simulation, for example).
  • Creation of sensor emulation capabilities. Skydel empowers PNT solution providers to a) develop their products in a cost-efficient way by allowing performance assessments when integrating different types of sensors, and b) gradually integrate their solutions early in the design stage.
    The outcome of this activity is reflected in the availability of new plugins and features of the Skydel RFCS product which was already commercialized by the partners.

The project was carried out in the scope of NAVISP Element 2, which is devoted to supporting competitiveness of European industries.

About Skydel

Skydel is a GNSS software-defined simulator that features real-time signal generation for multiple constellations and multiple frequencies. It generates high-quality GNSS signals, provides innovative and powerful test automation, supports HIL, and offers high dynamics capabilities for multiple vehicle types. Additionally, its advanced interference (spoofing and jamming) generation module provides advanced waveform creation capabilities that integrate with a simulator’s vehicle dynamics.

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