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We don’t sell products at Orolia. Our products are a toolkit with which we build solutions to your problems. Whether it’s our multi-layered approach to Resilient Timing or our best-in-class Skydel Simulation Platform, we don’t believe one size ever fits all.

Providing the world’s leading Resilient Positioning, Navigation & Timing Platform trusted for the most critical applications

As an organization, Orolia strives to be the market leader in the industries we serve, and we seek employees who have the same passion for their personal careers. We view our people as the innovators who will create the technologies of tomorrow. We aim to provide employees with the opportunities to reach their full potential and ensure a safe and sustainable working environment.

Why Choose Orolia?

  • We are the Reference
    We are the Reference

    We are the #1 provider in the world in Resilient Timing and Atomic Clocks, our Aircraft Beacons are trusted by Airbus and Boeing, and Skydel is building the future of GNSS Simulation.

  • Defining the Future
    Defining the Future

    Our Skydel GNSS Simulation Software is changing the landscape of application testing everywhere from from military to space launches to driverless vehicles.

  • Around the World
    Around the World

    LIterally! Over 350 Orolia Atomic Clocks orbit the earth and our Low SWaP Rubidium Oscillators are changing what is possible with Space exploration.

  • Global Collaboration
    Global Collaboration

    Our worldwide team has one goal: Deliver the best possible solutions and experience to our customers.


Orolia History

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  • Founded in 2006, Orolia became the world leader in Resilient PNT in just a few years.

    With 10 acquisitions in the US and Europe successfully integrated in less than 7 years, Orolia rapidly became one of the few global providers of precise, rugged and reliable positioning, navigation, timing (PNT) solutions that are critical for governments, military, aerospace and defense markets.

  • Orolia acquires Pendulum

    Acquisition of Pendulum Instruments, a European leader in high precision time and frequency test and measurement products

  • The most precise atomic clock ever placed in orbit to date

    SpectraTime receives an ESA Award for the excellent performance of its passive hydrogen maser (PHM) on board Giove-B. Developed in partnership with the Italian company Galileo Avionica, the maser passive hydrogen maser (PHM) is the most precise atomic clock ever placed in orbits to date.

  • Orolia Group double in size & becomes N°2 worldwide of distress beacons

    Acquisitions of : -Rapco Electronics and creation of Orolia Global Services Ltd -The GPS signal generator product line from Space Systems Finland -Kannad and McMurdo. Orolia becomes N°2 worldwide of distress beacons

  • Prize « Audace Créatrice »

    Awarded the Creative Boldness Prize « Audace Créatrice » 2010 by the French PM

  • Acquisition of Sarbe

    Acquisition of Sarbe, manufacturer of military emergency distress beacons

  • Acquisition of Boatracs

    Acquisition of Boatracs, a developer of telematics “machine-to-machine” solutions to the maritime industry

  • Acquisition of Techno Sciences Inc

    Acquisition of Techno Sciences Inc, an American provider of Search and Rescue Satellite Solutions. This acquisition establishes Orolia as the premier supplier of the Cospas-Sarsat market.

  • Merge of the McMurdo Group

  • Eurazeo becomes the majority shareholder

  • Acquisition of Netwave Systems

  • Orolia invests in Quasardb

    Orolia invests in Quasardb to integrate the most advanced technologies into innovate products for financial markets but also in Defense, Aviation, and Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Orolia Defense & Security Formed

    Orolia Defense & Security operates as a proxy-regulated company, Free of Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI). As such, Orolia Defense & Security is approved to work on the full spectrum of U.S. Government classified and unclassified projects and is positioned to support strategic partnerships in the development of key PNT technologies for the defense market.

  • Acquisition of Talen-X

    In August of 2019, Orolia Defense & Security acquired Talen-X, a U.S. company specializing in advanced GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Simulation solutions and Interference, Detection, and Mitigation (IDM) technologies. Talen-X's portfolio was an ideal fit and has helped to enhance Orolia's overall offerings. The acquisition enabled Talen-X's existing resources, operations and capabilities to be scaled and accelerated to better support the warfighter.

  • Orolia Acquires Skydel Solutions

    With Skydel’s unique capabilities, Orolia now offers customers even more diverse Resilient PNT solutions with new sophisticated testing and simulation protocols, additional customized signals and superior vulnerability assessments for military and commercial applications where GNSS failure is not an option.

  • Orolia opens new Rochester Headquarters

    Orolia opens a new HQ in Rochester, NY with over 100 on-site employees in development, manufacturing, support, operatons, sales, and marketing.

Our Culture

Orolia strives to be the market leader in the industries we serve, and we seek employees who have the same passion for their personal careers. We view our people as the innovators who will create the technologies of tomorrow. We aim to provide employees with opportunities to reach their full potential while ensuring a safe and sustainable work environment. If you are interested in working at a high growth, global company where being the best is encouraged, consider our open positions.

Orolia Executive Team

Our seasoned management team has successfully transformed Orolia into a focused and integrated company in recent years, managing several acquisitions, and achieving a steady cadence of revenue and employee growth.

  • Jean-Yves Courtois
    Jean-Yves Courtois Chief Executive Officer Learn More
  • Rohit Braggs
    Rohit Braggs Chief Operating Officer Learn More
  • Sophie Simon
    Sophie Simon VP of Sourcing and Supply Chain Learn More
  • Jennifer Steier
    Jennifer Steier VP, Human Resources Learn More
  • Bailey Sager
    Bailey Sager Director of IT Learn More
  • Paul Zweers
    Paul Zweers VP of Sales, Marketing, and Service Learn More
  • Thierry Delhomme
    Thierry Delhomme European General Manager Learn More
  • Christophe Ganivet
    Christophe Ganivet VP, Operations Learn More
  • Isabelle Melody
    Isabelle Melody General Counsel Learn More
  • John Fischer
    John Fischer VP of Advanced R&D Learn More
  • Robert Hughes
    Robert Hughes VP of Finance Learn More
  • Erik Oehler
    Erik Oehler Director of Marketing Learn More

Code of Conduct

At Orolia, we take our commitment to ethical conduct in our business pursuits, and in the way that we interact with our customers and employees, very seriously. We recognize that corporate responsibility and ethical behavior are critical to the success of our company.

As we continue to grow and expand globally, conducting ourselves ethically and with integrity will continue to be at the core of our actions and decisions. The Orolia Code of Ethics embodies and reinforces our commitment to integrity, explains our policies and provides guidelines for conducting business throughout the world.

Each Orolia employee and representative is expected to know and understand the Code of Ethics, and to abide by its principles. The global business environment in which Orolia operates continues to evolve, becoming increasingly challenging as laws change and business relationships evolve.

What will not change, however, is Orolia’s policy of zero tolerance toward bribery and corruption or other illegal acts. We also do not tolerate any form of retaliation against our employees who, in good faith, request or participate in the investigation of a potential violation.

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