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With field-proven resilient positioning, navigation and timing products, Safran provides precise timing, synchronization, simulation, inertial solutions, and more PNT products for both commercial and defense industries.

Innovating the Future of Resilient PNT


PNT, short for Positioning, Navigation, and Timing, is the backbone of modern navigation systems and relies heavily on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), such as GPS. These systems provide essential services across various industries, ensuring precise data for navigation and time-sensitive operations. Resilient PNT, also known as Assured PNT, addresses vulnerabilities by introducing redundancy and diversity into systems.

Safran, formerly Orolia and Spectracom, is the global leader in Resilient PNT because of our diverse technology portfolio and decades of expertise. By diversifying signal sources and implementing robust backup systems, we enhance the resilience of PNT against potential threats, safeguard critical operations, and mitigate the impacts of GNSS vulnerabilities.

time servers in a datacenter

Precision Timing and Synchronization

With over 20,000 units deployed in over 100+ countries, our time servers are field proven for sub-nano second accuracy and reliable synchronization.

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atomic clocks used on satellite orbiting Earth

Undisputed World Leader in Atomic Clocks and Oscillators

The most precise in the world, Safran atomic clocks are currently installed onboard satellites and providing timing information to complex systems.

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Accurate and Reliable Inertial Navigation

Our inertial navigation systems guide and keep track of your location when you need it the most.

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